Hot Stone Massage


In 1993, Mary Nelson Hannigen developed a special massage technique in Tucson, Arizona: while massaging the body with aromatic oils, hot basalt stones and cool marble are placed over the energy centres of the body. The warmth of the stones opens the chakras and allows an absolute deep relaxation. This makes the following massage more effective. Deep penetrating heated stones alternating with cool stones are used in a massage technique that eases effectively the muscles. The changing temperature stimulates circulation and the metabolism. It allows the organism to cleanse itself and the body will be revitalized. The energy work on the chakras will harmonize and strengthen the energy field.

45 minutes 100 CHF
60 minutes 120 CHF
90 minutes 150 CHF


Traditional Massages

Full body massage

This relaxing massage technique with its combination of forceful strokes, kneading, and friction make even larger muscle groups supple and well circulated.

60 minutes 110 CHF

Partial body massage according to choice

(E.g., back, legs, neck, head)
During this massage, you are kneaded with supple strokes and as a result, little tensions melt away in no time.

30 minutes 70 CHF