ENDERMOLOGIE – a mechanical-physical method of                                                      treatment – gives women a younger and healthier                                                        appearance without surgical intervention.

What is Cellulite?


Cellulite (so-called orange peel syndrome) is a phenomenon common among women that is caused by significant increases in the size of fat tissue.

Fat cells grow significantly as a result of poor nutrition, in particular fatty foods, or changes in hormone levels. The cell walls lose their shape and become visible when they protrude through the fibres of the connective tissue. The skin surface then shows the typical dimpling effect. The main problem at this stage of development is that the process is assisted by restricted blood circulation. Water collects and the collagen becomes less elastic. Physical exercise and crash dieting have very little effect in this situation.

The Results


The result is smooth, firm skin largely freed from cellulite. Endermologie is also a gentle and risk-free method that imparts a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

The CELLU M6 treatment device clasps a fold of skin, which it then rolls and unrolls, strengthening the connective tissue in a kind of skin "work-out". Endermologie is able to initiate a natural process that reduces excess water accumulation and at the same time vitalises and tightens the skin.

The CELLU M6 is the only device to have gained recognition in the USA as an effective treatment for cellulite. (Food and Drug Administration certification).

Prices for Cellulite treatment – skin "work-out"

single treatment 120 CHF
(10 treatments)
1050 CHF
(15 treatments)
1500 CHF
trial treatment 90 CHF